How Internship in VOGUE Broke my Dream

For three months I was Vogue intern. And I’ve learned from that less, that even from the least useless online course on the whole Coursera.

Kseniya Kovaleva
5 min readNov 5, 2020


Since I was 8 years old I was dreaming of being a Vogue journalist. That comes from the roots — my dad was editor-in-chief of Ukrainian magazine. So, I knew a lot of writing and studying the theme well since I was small. When I was 3 y.o. I drew my first magazine — it was a paper magazine about animals drawn with pencils. I hardly could write without mistakes, but already wanted to be a part of the media world.

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I still remember the day when I bought my first Vogue — it was a kind of opening a brand new world. All those fancy clothes, expensive accessories and cosmetics was a miracle for me. And since that time, I definitely wanted to put my name in Vogue. Well, I always was more athletic build, so it was not a model path. I also tried to become a fashion designer, but this attempt failed after 30 first dresses, that only my friends were buying for me. So, I had to become a journalist.

At school I ran my newspaper, at university — own magazine, blog, then one more blog, then started working at the printed magazine. I was growing for Vogue — as I thought. I dreamt of being new Anna Wintour for the last 14 years. And then, I’ve met a new editor in Vogue, who was a friend of a friend of mine. After several emails, two days without sleep to create the best ever portfolio and a test task, I was hired on the intern position.

VOGUE Disenchantment Began

I never thought it can be this bad

Gathering the best news websites, couture information and insiders — this is how I was getting ready for the first task. And then — “please take these 15 links and re-write these articles”.

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-But don’t you publish only original articles on your website?

-They are original, but from another Vogues.



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