“Please don’t ask what my career is, I don’t talk to material girls”, — some boys love saying it. Why do people who live in the capitalistic society for almost a century still blame girls for being interested in the career and wealth?

I never thought people can react to the questions about career and job positions with anger. But the more I talked to new people, the more surprises I was getting. It turned out, that some guys still believe that girls wonder about their job just because they are money-focused. Probably yes. All people are money-focused. But why these boys never believe we are focused not on there, but on our money? And we also are afraid of simply choosing the one, who will be bringing us down?

Unsplash pic by Wang Xi

Who is this material girl? In the mind of the fulfilled, mentally healthy…

I broke up with the guy I should be married to this summer two months ago. The first feeling I got was: “oh my god, there is a huge big world outside! I want to meet all these people and talk, talk, walk with them”. You know what? Disappointment came quite soon.

As my friends suggested, I’ve installed a dating app for the first time in my life. I never looked for someone to have sex with, since I was not ready neither for serious relationships nor for becoming a girl who sleeps with everybody. The second thing never helped me out and only made things more complicated, so I focused on flirt and dates.

The Great Wow

The first day I had my Tinder account created I felt like I’ve opened a new universe. So many people were liking my profile. I received like 740 likes during the first day only, so I was…

This story is inspired by the Book of Ute Ehrhardt

I was walking by the sea, looking at the 3km beach of the luxurious hotel I was staying at, followed by an eternal feeling of insurance. I have ruined my relations and everyone was saying: “he was so nice to you! We can’t even imagine how she was living with a girl, who has such a bad character. You should come back to him since you will never meet someone like him for sure!” I was followed by the bloody screaming sunset and this endless feeling that I’ve made a mistake and ruined my whole life.

Unsplash pic by Luca Bravo

“You should always be…

Accidentally, I found myself in the new flat, with all of my stuff packed, all alone and empty. I sighed and entered a new chapter of my life. The one, I never planned to have.

“I believe something is wrong with our relations. We need to talk before it’s too late”, — I said to the boy, I lived with for 2 years, the boy I dated for 4 years, the boy I knew for 6 years, the boy who was my first in love, sex and family life. And the boy answered: “Don’t f*ck my brain. I don’t want to talk”. That’s how my perfect pre-marriage relations ended in one day. In 2 days I was living alone in my new flat.

It was my first serious break-up. Not just a heartbreak (actually, not…

A brief story of wonderful and exciting world of retrofuturism

Don’t tell me it didn’t happen

The future of the human of the XX century should be anything but what it appeared to be. Flying nature-control stations, luxury resorts under the Antarctic snow, friendship with cute creatures straight from Venus and Jupiter. People conquered nature, space, made friends far away from Earth gravity and proved, that Homo sapiens is a lord of the foggy universe. That’s how our big and friendly world looked in the mind of futurists from 30th. There were no epidemics, as yet in the Renaissance Lui Mercie (the world’s first futurologist) predicted, that herbal bath will be curing any disease. None were…

Every day there are more and more fans of morning jogging and sprint running. But what to do if running was not made for you?

“Oops, looks like you have not enough mobility in the daily routine. Start jogging and it will help you lose more weight”, — once my smart scales texted me. “But I have tachycardia, is this the only way for me to lose more weight? Okay, I can try at least”, — I thought and booked time in my calendar for my first jogging in my life since I was 10.

Unsplash picture by Brandon Collum

Wake up, Run-up

The biggest fear of beginning jogger is looking strange in line with all these people running in parks and alleys. The whole evening before the first jogging I was googling…

An article that reveals the lifestyle of British Queen, lords and ladies. Everything you probably never heard of UK elite mansions.

This article was written by me for Megapolis and Airport magazines.

Elites domination is a social life law according to Italian sociologist Gaetano Moska. He was in time with this statement — right that moment aristocratic families from Great Britain owned more than 10% of yearly GDP. Rumours say, that social classes, as a phenomenon, is a part of the medieval legends world. We still can hear how the worlds youngest millionaire Hugh Grosvenor is laughing at these rumours somewhere in Eaton Hall corridors.

CNN image

British class stratification appeared a long time before Wilhelm Conqueror came to the English land. By…

Or why you’d better listen to your hairdresser, than to trichologist.

I had seborrhea since I was 8 years old. When I was a teenager it was worse, now it is not disturbing me at all. I’ve been treating it for 10 years. Vaccines, shampoos from pharmacies, pills, cosmetics, diets and sedative pills were all wrong — my situation never became better. Then, when I was 18 years old, I’ve found out that it was caused by an overproduction of collagen in my organism (that happens to me because of the hyper-mobility of muscles). Another reason was the level of the bad hormone with testosterone in the biggest amount. So, after…

“Devil wears Prada” was my favourite movie when I was small. Those times I’ve decided to get into the world of high fashion no matter what. I’m not a model, so the only way was to become a fashion brand owner..

My dad always taught me to become more patient. I never listened to him and that’s why most of my relations were a failure. However, my impatience is still the reason why all of the ideas I had in mind came live and were successfully realized. One of them was an idea of having a fashion brand.

Unsplash pic by Anna Vi

I was thinking about it as long as I can remember myself. My granny even tried to teach me making clothes (as she perfectly did that) but I was not made for that. Still, every time choosing new clothes for myself, I felt…

We want to make a great thing, we need to take the biggest market share and influence the global development — if you’re a startup owner I bet you think this way. And I bet you’ll make all 8 mistakes.

Working with startups for 3 years at the moment and having an experience of preparing a startup for the launch, I know how inspiring can a “blue dream” of Silicon Valley startup feel like. Nowadays, the startup seems to be the most attractive workplace for the millennials and Jen-Z generations. However, only a few startups can survive from thousands of those who went for another investment round.

TheRoom shot

What startups do wrong? If their product not claimed on the market? Maybe, but not sure. We all use TikTok and you know, this idea must hear numerous rejections from the very beginning…

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